ilan Bluestone breathes new life into Chicane’s Trance Classic ‘Saltwater’

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London-based electronic music maestro ilan Bluestone takes on the iconic Chicane classic, ‘Saltwater’, in a trance remix that promises to ignite euphoria and stand the test of time.

Following a string of remixes from various high-profile artists over the years, Chicane’s ultimate trance classic ‘Saltwater’ gets reimagined by London-based staple act ilan Bluestone. With Ilan’s signature drive bass and uplifting synths elevating the U.K.-charting original, this rework guarantees maximum euphoria that will last a lifetime. The remix is OUT NOW via Armada Music.

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, certain tracks transcend time and genre boundaries to become iconic classics. Chicane’s ‘Saltwater’ is undeniably one of these timeless gems. Over the years, it has received numerous remixes from high-profile artists, each offering their unique interpretation of this U.K. chart-topping masterpiece. However, the latest reimagining of “Saltwater” by London-based staple ilan Bluestone promises to take the classic to new heights.

ilan Bluestone, a name synonymous with euphoria in the electronic music scene, has taken the helm for the latest remix of ‘Saltwater’. Known for his signature drive bass and uplifting synths, ilan Bluestone’s remix is a testament to his ability to infuse newfound energy and emotion into beloved tracks.

In ilan Bluestone’s hands, ‘Saltwater’ undergoes a breathtaking transformation. The signature drive bass that ilan is renowned for immediately takes center stage, providing a robust foundation that propels the track forward. As the remix unfolds, the uplifting synths soar to new heights, creating an atmosphere of pure euphoria that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

This rework of ‘Saltwater’ is not just a remix; it’s a journey. It captures the essence of the original while breathing new life into its timeless melody. ilan Bluestone’s impeccable production skills shine through, delivering a track bound to ignite dancefloors and inspire trance enthusiasts for generations to come.

Image Credits: Facebook @ibluestone

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