Innellea returns to Afterlife with four diverse, powerful cuts

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Innellea has had a huge influence in a short period of time.

In 2019, he took the scene by storm, leaving a dusty trail in his wake. Before his music was released on Afterlife, Innervisions, and Diynamic, Innellea was a hidden weapon for some of the techno scene’s biggest DJs. Innellea’s vibrant and complicated rhythms enthralled audiences all around the world from then on. ‘Vigilans,’ ‘Forced to Bend,’ and ‘The World Returns‘ are just a few examples of the project’s powerful musical pronouncements. Live concerts and a variety of unreleased music followed the popularity of his albums, creating a global buzz around his reputation. With each new release and live performance, Innellea continues to rewrite the rules. His music is innovative and forward-thinking, with emotional depth, thoughtful arrangement, and driving beats adorning dance floors.

Confronted Reality,’ the first track on his EP, is powered by an oscillating low end, supported by an expressive melody and a massive riff – all laced with drama. The title tune follows, a melancholy cut with breakbeat-like rhythms, piano keys, and warped voices.

On the other hand Beautifully constructed, trance-like layers flow over a powerful rhythm in ‘The Loss Of Hope,’ boosting emotions and calling the Heaven within. Finally, with spine-tingling melodies and hard-hitting percussion, ‘Irreversible‘ pushes us into the darkness.

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Stream Innellea – Distorted Youth EP on Spotify:


1. Innellea – Confronted Reality (Original Mix)
2. Innellea – Distorted Youth (Original Mix)
3. Innellea – Loss Of Hope (Original Mix)
4. Innellea – Irreversible (Original Mix)

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