Sean Doron: “My taste changes all the time and so does the music I produce and play”

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Israel’s Sean Doron has stopped by to chat about the new release with Yulia Niko and Maga on collective Scenarios.

Sean had been a regular at Monochrome before receiving invitations to international music festivals. His meteoric rise to popularity was fueled by his love of electronic music. In just a few years, he and a few other underground DJs changed Tel Aviv’s nightlife culture. He is one of the few Tel Aviv-based musicians who perform all over the world. Many of his admirers go to Ibiza, Mykonos, Tulum, NYC, and Miami to see him play as a guest performer.

Hello Sean, how are you feeling today?

I feel great, thanks for having me, I’m sincerely excited for our latest release.

With your most recent track ‘Starlight’ in collaboration with Maga, you are heading towards a new sound. What made you move from previous ‘tech-house’ releases?

I do not like to go into the definitions of genres. My taste changes all the time and so does the music I produce and play. I believe our new label – Scenarios has the same language for all the tracks we wrote, as well as the first EP we released last month. Most of the tracks embody the same emotions and feelings and have already been played by many artists I admire around the world.

You are also a part of the Scenarios collective, which includes 5 individual artists: Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron, Tim Engelhardt, and Yulia Niko. What’s your connection and how did you meet them?

Yes, Scenarios was in the making for the last year and a half. Together with Maga, we were looking for the right artists to join us for this mutual project. We all met at Maga’s Studio in Lisbon and we developed this together. We are united in our shared beliefs, dynamic, and outlook. We represent a new generation of artists that functions as a whole, while still maintaining our individuality. In this way, we can truly grow as one.

We love the concept of Scenarios, it’s more than a label or collective, rather it’s a family. Is it difficult to work with like-minded people?

It’s definitely more challenging, but it brings a better outcome. When you have a few minds in sync, you have lots of experience and inspirational attributes involved. When you give up your individual musical ego as a producer, magical things can happen.

We know that you are from Tel-Aviv and it’s one of the best nightlife experiences. Does it give any impact on your musical career?

Yes for sure, I’ve been raving in Tel Aviv since High school. I was able to listen and learn from many artists that came to perform here and also from a growing pool of great local DJs. I’ve been playing in the city for the last 14 years. Today, there are many parties going on every day, so I have the opportunity to play here a few times every week and check new tracks that I’m working on.

What promise do you want to keep yourself this year?

I promise to myself to keep writing new music and achieve new goals, stop from my usual train of thoughts as a producer, and learn from this collective we have formed.

If you could only listen to one record for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kölsch – ‘1977’

Finally, what have you planned for this summer?

There are lots of exciting events this summer, first Scenarios events and shows in Ibiza, Paris, Saint Tropez, Madrid, Mexico, Brazil, LA, Burning Man,NY, Miami, etc..

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