Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy is joining forces with James Hype

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Renowned UK DJ and producer James Hype collaborates with The Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy.

The Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy has joined forces with renowned UK DJ & producer James Hype to launch an Exclusive Masterclass – ‘From beginner to pro’. People from all over the world can now dive deep into the remarkable skills of James Hype. Through this masterclass, the DJ will personally guide you through a step-by-step process to upgrade your transitions. Furthermore, you will improve your mixing skills on every setup, using the most viral DJ tips and tricks.

The Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy is an educational platform not only for DJs and producers, but empowering individuals worldwide to produce, release, and perform music. It scouts new talent, refines skills, and connects with industry peers. The academy offers in-depth courses for both beginners and experienced DJs, allowing them to innovate and improve their skills. Together with the legendary James Hype, this new masterclass is a must for all aspiring DJs. The skilled artist offers guidance on DJing from flagship to home setups. He teaches tricks on various controllers, from DDJ-FLX4 for beginners to DDJ-FLX10, XDJ-RX3, and CDJ-3000s. Hype shows his recent DJS-1000 routines for the first time, including using drum machines and creating melodies on the spot.

A subscription for the brand-new Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy costs €15 per month or €165 per year. The brand-new Masterclass with James Hype is not included in the monthly/yearly subscription and is available for €149. Find all additional info about all the topics described on

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