Jickow unveils powerful two-track EP ‘Escapism / Echoes’

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The French Progressive DJ Jickow releases a new EP ‘ Escapism / Echoes’ that dares to contrast his last.

Some of the best artists around have used the night as a vessel to help find their necessary creative spark. Jickow doesn’t just use the night as his vessel, he eats, sleeps, and breathes nightlife all together for his art. The French DJ’s name has been rapidly spreading further past his roots in Marseille and Montpellier to Berlin and Catalonia. After moving to Brussels, Jickow continued to build his reputation by launching the Hedonism Party Crew, quickly becoming a staple. Not only have various clubs heard his music, but a multitude of labels have released his music to boot too. Bluefin Records, Family Piknik, Natura Viva, and Beatfreak all released Jickow’s music at one point or another, to name some.

This time around, Kognitiv Records released his latest EP, ‘Escapism / Echoes’, having also released ‘Nóstra Dóna De La Gárdia‘ too. Jickow wanted this to be different, however, going for a darker approach compared to Nóstra’s more ethereal sound. ‘Escapism’ composes itself with sharp beats and equally sharp percussion, followed by Jickow’s signature Techno production and brassy, melodic synths. Brooding basslines and more retro Techno synths come later in the track, certainly keeping up with the promised darker approach. “Echoes” kicks off with stirring and sharp percussion, along with sandy, sizzling programming that scatters throughout the entire track. Synths dominate the track, ranging from a cascading sound, to choppy, to an almost purring feeling, like a sleeping cat.

‘Escapism / Echoes’ by Jickow feels like it fully embraces the nightlife its creator lives for, every breath and sweat drop. The nightlife embodies the energy and eventually envelopes the listener to the highest degree and leaves a moment to remember.

Image Credits: © Kristijan Kuzel (Press Kit)

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