Jono Stephenson drops astonishing track ‘I Can’t Save You’

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Up-and-coming South African DJ Jono Stephenson releases a heartbreaking new track ‘I Can’t Save You’ via Impressum.

Music leaves a lasting impression on everybody, so it helps to get them interested while they’re quite young and eager. South African artist Jono Stephenson‘s mom certainly influenced him with her extensive skills in multiple instruments, peaking his musical interests. Thanks to these things, Stephenson developed a taste for melody, which he made a staple element of his own music. Stephenson’s goal through his music shows is to captivate listeners and create epic sonic soundscapes that mesmerize anyone who listens. Recently, through Impressum Records, Jono Stephenson dropped a new captivating single titled ‘I Can’t Save You’, hitting the emotions hard.

‘I Can’t Save You’, as mentioned before, proves to be quite an impactful emotional gut punch absolutely through and through. A standard four-on-the-floor beat acts as the track’s foundation while a synth melody rattles throughout it. Tone appears on the track as a bass groove that waves up and down all throughout it. However, ‘I Can’t Save You’ adds to the somber tone with the melancholic vocals that give a sense of hopelessness. Overall, Jono Stephenson delivers on the emotional moments with his latest single, leaving audiences to reach and grab the tissues.

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