Jordan Peak returns with swinging EP ‘Ready Or Not’

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UK-based DJ and producer Jordan Peak drops a highly energetic EP on his imprint, Peak Trax, that continues his momentum from his Edible debut.

Jordan Peak overcame so many devastating events in his life to get back to where the point he is at today. Over seven years ago, the UK DJ was receiving widespread attention from big names for his House and Techno music. Then, doctors diagnosed him with Cystic Fibrosis and gave him two years to live, which is devastating to practically anyone. On top of that, someone spiked him during a DJ set, which messed him up mentally, resulting in his hiatus.

A few months ago, Jordan re-emerged and started rebuilding his brand, starting with his debut on Eats Everything‘s imprint, Edible. But recently, Peak released his latest EP, ‘Ready or Not‘, on his own imprint, Peak Trax, and it’s a beauty. ‘Ready or Not’ opens up with a cacophonous synthline and a standard House beat that feels almost like a throwback. The Fugees sample and bendy bassline certainly help make that an even more obvious fact, while making it feel new. ‘That Track With Big Sub Bass‘ follows that up and gives off a more swinging vibe compared to its predecessor. Two types of beats open the track, one has a more thunderous House beat while the other’s more hollowed out. Bendy basslines return and the synths give off the aforementioned swingy vibe, which Peak mentioned he was going for.

Lastly, ‘Make Me Feel VIP‘ finishes off the EP, once again bringing back the bendy basslines like the previous tracks. Synths on this track vary along the lines of choppy to even close like police or ambulance sirens, adding bounce. Jordan Peak went to hell and back over the past several years, dealing with physical and mental health problems. Now, his return marks an absolute triumphant return and the House and Techno couldn’t be more proud of him.

“As well as making speed garage on this release I am also trying to create a fresh new sound called Jitter House. It takes the groove and swing from house music and adds bass-heavy elements from drum and bass while also incorporating bleeps and sweeps from electro. Lots of interesting changes and sample chops to keep the listeners guessing and on their toes and using effects as an instrument”

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