Kapibara – Leopardus (Original Mix) [Sincopat]

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Sincopat’s first release of the year comes from the talented duo Kapibara. The brothers are known to infuse their cultural heritage into their music and shows.

Kapibara aims at a wide array of fascinating sounds: sometimes dark and deep, sometimes colorful and ecstatic. But always a harmonic blending of storytelling percussion power and melodic madess, and both tracks of the EP are the perfect example.

This musical journey begins with Pongo, a groovy and forward-thinking electronic music piece that hypnotizes you from beginning to end with its intense lead and sound atmospheres.

Kapibara’s song names are inspired by animals, in this case, the name comes from a Sumatran Orangutan that has remarkable abilities for traveling through the forest canopy and is the heaviest tree-dwelling animal.

Leopardus, second track of the EP, is another groovy and forward-thinking anthem with rhythmic vocals and crazy percussion all around. In this case the name comes from the Ocelot (Leopardus). A medium-sized spotted wild cat with a unique coat that helps it blend into the forest while it hunts for prey.

Release date: 2022-01-28


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