KIDSØ and ROBINS drops emotive release ‘Better Days’

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The Munich duo KIDSØ has joined forces with French artist ROBINS for their latest single ‘Better Days’, embarking on a new musical journey.

The electronic duo, known for their unique blend of organic and vocal influences, has once again captured the hearts of listeners with their captivating sound. Teaming up with ROBINS, a talented French artist known for her emotive sound palette, KIDSØ has created a track that is both sonically and emotionally rich. 

Formed in 2017, KIDSØ blends danceable melancholy with live instruments, bridging electronic and acoustic music seamlessly. Comprised of Martin Schneider and Moritz Graßinger, KIDSØ has quickly gained recognition for their immersive and dynamic performances. Employing analog hardware, they infuse a nostalgic yet modern touch into their music, crafting a distinctive and evocative sound.

Conversely, ROBINS is recognized for her inclination towards indie pop/rock and a diverse musical foundation. Infusing her powerful and expressive vocals, she enthralls listeners with heartfelt lyrics and contagious melodies. The synergy with KIDSØ on ‘Better Days’ harmonizes two unique musical styles, culminating in an enchanting track.

ROBINS reflected on the song’s meaning and the shared journey through life’s challenges. The lyrics delve into the complexities of life and the solace found in shared experiences. ROBINS’ emotive vocals infuse the track with depth and vulnerability, enhancing its relatability and emotional resonance.

Accompanying the single is an eye-catching music video, highlighting the duo’s commitment to thought-provoking and introspective creative expressions. The visuals capture the essence of the song, taking the viewer on an emotional journey of ups and downs, light, and darkness, ultimately leading to ‘Better Days’.

KIDSØ and ROBINS’ collaboration showcases music’s unifying power, bridging diverse backgrounds and cultures in a testament to artistic harmony. With Embassy One‘s support, KIDSØ will continue their successful journey, captivating audiences with their evocative and unique sound.

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