Kiko team up with Étienne De Crécy for new single ‘Superdata’: Listen

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Legendary producers Étienne de Crécy and Kiko will unveil their epic collaboration ‘Superdata’ this Friday as a part of Kiko’s upcoming album ‘Digital Family’.

The album is coming out later this year, in October. And with the reveal of the third mega collaboration, Kiko has our expectations over the roof. According to the electro figure, the track was inspired by parties in Paris in the 90s. Something that reminds you of Daft Punk’s early works. Using heavy percussion, synth work, and rhythmic instrumentation to create an industrial soundscape. The track showcases the synergy between Kiko and Étienne De Crécy along with a captivating instrumental cut.

Electronic music performer Kiko has many releases in his catalogue, from techno, Italo disco, and indie dance. Furthermore, the musician is a prominent figure in the industry with various hit records, successful tours, and collaborations with artists including David Guetta. On the other hand, Étienne de Crécy, a pioneer in the French Touch movement, has evolved from a punk bassist to a well-known producer of house music. Emerging French talent was highlighted in his landmark ‘Super Discount‘ album. As well as his following albums, including ‘Tempovision‘ and ‘Super Discount 2‘, demonstrating his dedication to creative progression. Furthermore, De Crécy’s immersive live performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide, making him the perfect feature for the single.

Onto ‘Digital Family’, the record will provide a sonic gateway that transcends time and genre. Additionally, The album captures two decades of innovative sound and impact in the techno-electro realm. Kiko’s forthcoming album will host collaborations with artists who have played a part in his musical journey. These include Agoria, with ‘Second Life‘ and Rodriguez Jr. on ‘Miller‘ and recently announced Étienne De Crécy. Lastly, with the debut of his eagerly anticipated project, ‘Digital Family’, and tour 2024 appears to be a big year for Kiko.

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