KiRiK release new massive EP ‘Bdpwp’

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KiRiK returns with an exciting new release, ‘Bdpwp’ EP. Available now on Bamboleo Records.

Ukrainian DJ and producer KiRiK has been turning heads in the electronic music world with his distinctive fusion of deep, groovy beats and innovative sampling techniques. His latest release, the ‘BDPWP‘ EP, is no exception, showcasing his talent and versatility as a producer

Released on Neverdogs‘ esteemed Bamboleo Records, the EP features three tracks that are sure to get dancefloors moving. The title track, ‘Bdpwp’, sets the tone with its infectious bassline melody and rolling grooves. KiRiK’s attention to detail is evident in the clever use of sampling, adding layers of depth to the track.

The EP also includes a remix of ‘Bdpwp’ by Barcelona-based DJ and producer Ssero. Known for his stripped-back, percussive-focused style, Ssero puts his own spin on the track, delivering a fresh and dynamic take on KiRiK’s original.

Closing out the EP is ‘Gangster DJ’, a track that showcases KiRiK’s ability to create a captivating journey through sound. The chugging rhythms, gritty analog sounds, and catchy vocal chops combine to craft an electrifying track.

A testament to his talent and dedication, KiRiK’s ‘Bdpwp EP’ exemplifies his mastery in music production. Each track is a well-crafted piece of art, showcasing his unique sound and style. It’s no surprise that he caught the attention of Neverdogs and landed a spot on their prestigious label.

With his debut on Bamboleo Records, KiRiK continues to solidify his position as one of Ukraine’s most respected DJs and producers. His ability to blend different genres and create a cohesive and engaging sound is what sets him apart. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next.

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