Kollektiv Turmstrasse unveils new “YAP” EP with exclusive video

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The three-track ep, which is the artist’s first new music since 2019, showcases an ever-evolving sound that draws from both his dancefloor-savvy past and his creative exploration of the lighter aspects of house and techno.

With this new EP, Kollektiv Turmstrasse ventures into the uncharted sonic territory and an introspective realm. With the opening tune, “YAP,” meticulous production talents and a soulful delight show through. The song, “You Are Perfect,” is a celebration of the sincere and ecstatic sentiments people have for one another and begs the listener to dance, shake their body, and forget about the outside world. Prior to vocals, synths, snares, and hi-hats flying in from all directions to create a mosaic of grooving sound, the music begins on a steady and mesmerizing course. The R&B vocals give the music an unexpected garage flavor, and Kollektiv Turmstrasse is skilled at fusing many genres together.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse develops sonic alchemy with “YAP,” residing in the hazy region between evolution and nostalgia.

High-intensity electro banger “Terror” brings up pictures of broken robots or a wild Pac-Man. The song explores topics of societal transformation, capitalism, inequality, and power struggles while utilizing a range of vocal styles. After a decade of nonstop touring, the artist created this song while in lockdown. As a result, it advocates a range of feelings, including relief at having the freedom to express one’s creativity and a longing for the dance floor.

With its 4:4 rhythms, strewn synths, and incisive voices, “I’m OK” engages with the boundaries and margins of house and minimal music. Through builds and drops that add tension and complexity while forcing a packed dance floor to move, the song addresses our propensity to put up facades to hide our inner turmoil.

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Stream Kollektiv Turmstrasse – YAP EP on Spotify:


1. Yap (Original Mix)
2. (T) Error (Original Mix)
3. I’m OK (Original Mix)

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