Laure: “I like to create during the morning so I have a fresh head”

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Today Parisian techno luminary Laure stopped by to chat with us about her new release, inspiration, and more.

Laure is an emerging artist from the Parisian techno scene. From IDM to Industrial Techno, with a touch of Acid, she makes music with real emotion, and her tracks have been supported by artists like Kerstin Eden, Joseph Capriati, Paul Nineham, Jon Connor, and Paco Osuna.

Her latest release is A Confused Mind EP. As its name suggests, it explores the territory where good and evil are difficult to distinguish, where each decision seems impossible to make, and each happy moment eventually turns into loneliness. As a cathartic moment, this EP reflects both the determinism of certain periods of life, and the mad desire to get out of it.

Hello Laure, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How has the year been treating you so far and where are you staying now?

Hi! Thank you so much for having me! What a great year full of opportunities and creativity. Right now, I live in Paris, where the Techno scene is so exciting.

Which artists were you listening to when you first started getting interested in electronic music?

In the beginning, I was listening to a lot of melodic and slower electronic music, I was mainly into artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, Vitalic, and Etienne de Crecy. I still love them! But my interest has shifted to a harder mood.

A Confused Mind sounds like it has a lot of personality and emotion invested in it – is that an important part of production for you?

This was exactly my intention, I wanted to share emotions with my listeners, hope, and melancholia. So they can feel a little less alone when they listen to the release.

What’s the usual process when you’re in the studio?

When I get in the studio, I listen to the last ideas I made, then I choose what I want to work on. I like structure, so I try to stay as organized as possible, this is where I found myself performing best. When I have a new idea, I begin with basic sounds so I have the structure and I can get back to the idea later when I have more time.

Could you tell us what your daily routine looks like?

Coffee first! I like to create during the morning so I have a fresh head. Then I listen to a bunch of new tracks, trying to find some gems for my next gigs. Then, it depends on what I have to finish, it can be recording a new mix, finishing a track, learning a new skill, or a new plugin, it’s endless, and it might be why I love this journey so much.

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?

It would have been nice to give you a music-related answer but to be honest, it’s Pizza, I couldn’t live without pizza… 😀

Finally, what can we expect from Laure for the rest of this year?

A lot of exciting things are coming! Some other releases are coming on some very cool french labels, stay tuned!

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