Premiere of Lil Nas X’s documentary postponed following bomb threat scare 

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Lil Nas X’s documentary premiere of “Long Live Montero,” was delayed due to a bomb threat at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).  

This alarming incident occurred as Lil Nas X arrived for the premiere, raising concerns about his safety. The delay lasted around 20 minutes while there were security checks to ensure everyone’s safety.

Variety revealed that the premiere screening was scheduled for 10:00 PM at Roy Thomson Hall. However, when the pop sensation Lil Nas X arrived in his car to join his fellow attendees, event organizers were alerted to the presence of a bomb threat. 

The publication also stated that a spokesperson for TIFF provided a statement regarding the situation, reassuring that standard security measures remained in place throughout the delay. The threat was described as general, not specifically targeted at the film or the artist.

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Following the 20-minute delay, Lil Nas X arrived at the venue and walked the red carpet with the directors before the screening began around 10:30 PM.

Directed by Carlos López Estrada and Zac Manuel, the documentary delves into the emotional journey of this iconic artist during his first world tour. Cameron Bailey, CEO of TIFF, commended the documentary for its celebration of self-expression, music, and identity, emphasizing Lil Nas X’s trailblazing artistry. Additionally, Lil Nas X garnered acclaim for his performance at the Glastonbury Festival 2023, solidifying his status as a modern superstar, as recognized in a five-star review by NME.

Lil Nas X’s triumphant journey in his documentary and Glastonbury performance reflects his fearless approach to breaking boundaries, reshaping the artistic landscape, and championing inclusivity for artists of all backgrounds. “Long Live Montero” is a powerful testament to his impact on the LGBTQ+ community and the music industry, highlighting his continued influence.

Image Credits: © Cole Burston/The Canadian Press via AP

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