Lingam drops magnificent two-track ‘Becoming You’ EP

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Deed Music Berlin, a boutique label recognized for cutting-edge releases, proudly presents Lingam’s latest two-track offering. The release features ‘Becoming You’ and ‘Prequal’, inviting an immersive exploration into underground electronic music.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Yoni Weizenberg has garnered attention in the electronic music scene with his solo project, Lingam. with his distinct narrative and mastery of sound, takes listeners on a sonic odyssey with ‘Becoming You‘.

The minimal yet deeply textured track showcases Lingam’s exceptional talent and unique perspective on electronic music. The track gradually builds with intricate layers, creating a mesmerizing and hypnotic listening experience for the audience. Lingam’s use of deep and intricate tech compositions adds a whole new dimension to the underground electronic music scene.

Accompanying ‘Becoming You’ is the harmonious B-side, ‘Prequal’. This track seamlessly complements the allure of the headline single and adds to the overall enchanting experience of the release. Lingam’s ability to create a cohesive and harmonious sound in both tracks is a testament to his skill and artistry.

This is not Lingam’s first release under the Deed Music Berlin label. The Green Road‘, his previous single, earned critical acclaim, solidifying him as a dynamic force in the electronic music scene. With ‘Becoming You’ and ‘Prequal’, Lingam once again proves his prowess in creating captivating and thought-provoking music.

Deed Music Berlin is committed to showcasing emerging talent and pushing electronic music boundaries. Lingam’s release highlights their keen ear for unique sounds. The label provides a platform for artists like Lingam to share their music globally and connect with a broader audience.

The release of ‘Becoming You’ and ‘Prequal’ is a significant milestone for both Lingam and Deed Music Berlin. It reflects the label’s vision for diverse, boundary-pushing music and showcases Lingam’s talent for captivating, thought-provoking compositions. The two-track release is available on major streaming platforms. Join us on this journey into underground electronic music.

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