Listen to Fireberg’s brand new ‘Call Of The Phoenix’ EP

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Fireberg releases Call of the Phoenix to mark the beginning of his Mishbaka imprint.

The EP includes three songs that deal with transition and rebirth. Each tune is reborn as conventional radio cuts or remixed into fresh evolutions, just like the story the EP’s title alludes to.

The original jazzier version of ‘Bloom‘ is presented first, with the vocal samples that have been cut winding around energetic synthesizer arrangements. The lyrical treatment is highlighted in a slower dub edit combined with an expressive synth solo. The EP’s title track is a declaration of intent in Latin house form: an extended original that unfolds in fine drama over nine minutes. Prince of Queens, a well-known name in NYC’s tropical scene who has received praise for his work on Names You Can Trust and Second Hand Records, is in charge of the remix. His adaptation places special emphasis on the already present Latin percussion as well as a brand-new nasty bassline as the focal points of kaleidoscopic detailing, lighting a variety of ambient layers. The affecting ‘Within Your Arms‘ weaves around brassy leads and dreamy keys using melodic bass and arcing vocoder harmonies that are subdued in the mix. Scott Diaz, a well-known name in the UK house scene with a ten-year history to back him up, concentrates on the groove, cutting back on the parts while emphasizing the vocals and creating a fresh, stronger house vibe for the floor.

Call of the Phoenix is a celebration of all that is renewed and reborn, and the sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating, and sometimes tragic process of transformation required to emerge into a new being. House music here evokes an honoring of tradition and cycles, while subtle elements of jazz and Latin music intertwined with synesthetic melodies and rhythms light a metaphysical candle for the virtues of individuality and diversity.

– Fireberg

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