Luigi Madonna launches record label “Contempo”

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In his continued artistic development, Luigi Madonna is beginning a new phase that honors creativity, advancement, and most importantly the fundamentals of the hard-hitting techno style that originated in Napoli.

The three-track “Contempo Vol. 1” is available today across all streaming platforms as Madonna launches his debut label and event project, Contempo. It is the first in a series of opuses to reveal his revitalized sound profile.

With a core of raw, uncompromising techno, “Contempo Vol. 1” is presented in three parts. Luigi uses a thunderous kick and sharp percussion in the opening track, “CNTMP 1.01,” to herald the advent of this novel techno viewpoint. Before a whirlwind of soundscapes and sound design components lead us to its pinnacle, the hollow kick fades out to make room for Luigi’s hypercharged acid-laced top-line to ring out on the off beats. The cut changes direction at the break, exposing a secret identity built on acid rave stabs and rhythms with a breakbeat flavor.

The second track on the EP, “CNTMP 1.02.,” has a more chaotic vibe, with sharply disconnected percussion parts weaving through ecstatic vocal chops and far-off sirens. The cut is both chaotic and intense in equal measure, and its violent semi-tonal alterations that hypnotize us are what propel it over the finish line. Luigi Madonna brings the EP to a flawless climax with an enthralling finale as he begins the scary, early-hours cut “CNTMP 1.03.Luigi Madonna exhibits his outstanding producing skills. The Italian penetrates the imagination with mind-altering acid basslines, ravey synth stabs, and exemplary use of crescendo and juxtaposition, to conclude a remarkable debut EP on Contempo Music, by unraveling a hostile web of menacing underground soundscapes, frenetic kicks, and glitchy sonic patterns.

Grab a copy on Beatport now!

Stream Luigi Madonna – Contempo, Vol. 1 on Spotify:


1. CNTMP 1.01 (Original Mix)
2. CNTMP 1.02 (Original Mix)
3. CNTMP 1.03 (Original Mix)

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