Luis Miranda releases a heart-stopping EP ‘Morituri’

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The Spanish-born, Los Angeles producer expands his repertoire for KD Raw with a metallic second EP.

In the world of Techno, the words “slow” and “mellow” will likely result in laughter being directly thrown your way. Luis Miranda uses every bit of knowledge he has to avoid being called those two very words. The Los Angeles-based, Madrid-born producer’s brand of Techno embodies the antonyms of those words, meaning “fast” and “heavy”. If you want proof, then look to his latest EP ‘Morituri‘, four tracks that will leave you checking your pulse. This is Miranda’s second solo release on KD Raw, Kaiserdisco’s label, and fourth overall collaboration with the esteemed producer’s label.

The first track, ‘Tikis Mikis‘, kicks off the EP and almost immediately will engulf you in the bass tones. There’s not one second where the groove let’s up and from that point forward, more layers proceed to rush in. From the jangly, metallic synths that boost the drop, to the ad libs that hiccup through out, the song continues building. And just like how a person eventually tires out, the song deconstructs itself towards the end of its runtime. Of course, if this version isn’t doing it for you, Portugal’s DJ Dextro adds a remix towards the EP’s end. The remix takes every element of the original and pumps it up to eleven, including harder kicks and faster pacing.

After the first track, we have ‘Tarumba‘, which continues to keep the party going from the last song before it. Four on the floor beats, siren-like synths that bounce like waves, and scratchy percussion fill the track. The only things missing are the UV lights and glowsticks for this to fit a neon coated rave performance. Lastly, ‘Morituri’, the title track, guarantees to keep you on your toes, much like the others. The chants echo like you’re shouting down a long corridor, the percussion feels like sand pouring on a microphone. Add the additional tingling beats and programming that feels like it’s from another world and you have one killer track.

Luis Miranda left his mark on the tracks from the likes of Tronic, Codex, and JAM among others. On his own, he shows that he’s just as talented as those artists. KD Raw struck pure gold by allowing this artist onto their roster and giving him room to grace our ears.

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