MAIKE DEPAS – Rave the Planet (Original Mix) [The Innovation Studio]

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Upon the return from the dark and dreamy regions of his previous EP ‘Euphoria’, Milanese hard techno DJ-producer MAIKE DEPAS (Michelangelo De Pasquale) announces new EP ‘Rave the Planet’, out 29 February via The Innovation Studio, ahead of MAIKE DEPAS 2.0 audio-visual makeover. Sending tremors through the electronic underground scene, Depas joins Kobosil and In Verruf in carrying the torch of uncompromising Berlin techno while keeping his feet firmly planted in the melodic 1990s trance of PushJam & Spoon, and Cygnus X.
Introducing his new heavy-duty fusion of face-melting techno and trance carrying ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ warning sign, Depas makes the crowd grind their teeth with a behemoth of an opener ‘Heartbreaker’ only to fill the dancefloor with dread on the shiver-inducing ‘Vortex’, a power move designed to set the scene for the title track’s fervent rave sermon delivered in a cyborg voice by Depas, followed by the erotic undertones of throbbing closer ‘Float Together’ including the blistering remix by the Italian DJ Amstra.

Release date: 2024-02-29