Musical Alchemy: Malin Linnéa’s Fate & Fiction EP sets the Tone

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Malin Linnéa Drops Fate and Fiction – Two Moving Tracks, ‘Orb’ and ‘Fact and Fiction,’ Out Now via Sonido Profundo.

In the vibrant tapestry of the international house music scene, Malin Linnéa emerges as a rising star, captivating audiences with her eclectic style and dynamic approach to sound. Based in CDMX, the Swedish artist has made waves with her genre-fluid productions, seamlessly blending old-school deep house, indie dance, and irresistible rhythms. Her latest endeavor, the Fate & Fiction EP, released through the Brazilian label Sonido Profundo, stands as a testament to her prowess and creativity in the electronic music realm.

Before we delve into the entrancing sounds of Fate & Fiction, let’s set the stage with a glimpse into the label that serves as the EP’s sonic home—Sonido Profundo. This Brazilian imprint, founded by DJ Albuquerque, offers a distinct and percussive experience, transcending musical boundaries. Sonido Profundo is not just a label; it’s a musical journey that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. 

Malin Linnéa’s Fate & Fiction EP, released on Sonido Profundo, is a two-part musical narrative that showcases the artist’s depth and versatility. The EP kicks off with ‘Orb,’ a mesmerizing track that ebbs and flows with a hypnotic purpose. The spellbinding journey unfolds with trippy synth structures and a complex web of sound, presenting a dancefloor weapon that reflects Malin’s trademark blend of intelligence and forward-thinking creativity.

On the flip side, the EP’s title track, ‘Fate & Fiction,‘ serves as an ethereal closer that transports listeners through a dream-like landscape. Collaborating with New York-based vocalist Sage Bava, Malin crafts a sonic masterpiece, amalgamating organic melodies, succinct beats, and haunting vocal refrains. The result is a remarkable conclusion to an EP that defies genre boundaries and takes its listeners on a therapeutic journey through consciousness.

Malin Linnéa’s approach to music is as diverse as her background, having lived in seven countries and three continents. Her genre-fluid sound reflects a kaleidoscope blend of melodic soundscapes and moving rhythms. Growing up in Stockholm, Sweden, she honed her DJ skills in London before relocating to CDMX in 2022. The creative process behind Fate & Fiction reflects her commitment to creating contrast in music, balancing beauty with elements that are rough and dirty, dark and light.

In her own words, Malin expresses her intentions behind the EP: “I try to always create contrast in music – I like the play between dark and light, masculine and feminine. If you have a very beautiful vocal or chord progression I always try to add something a little rough and dirty to balance it out.”

In the realm of electronic music, Fate & Fiction EP stands as a testament to Malin Linnéa’s ability to weave sonic tales that transcend boundaries. Released on the unique and percussive platform of Sonido Profundo, this EP is more than just a collection of tracks—it’s a musical alchemy that sets the tone for the future of electronic exploration. As Malin continues to evolve and captivate audiences worldwide, Fate & Fiction serves as a brilliant chapter in her musical journey.

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