Manda Moor: “I never force myself to produce, when I’m not feeling it I don’t do it”

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Today, we chatted with Manda Moor, a Paris-based musician, who debuts on Hot Creations with the three-track The Climax EP, continuing a stellar 2022 for the Danish-Filipino artist.

Manda Moor has quickly established herself as a respected figure in current house music. With critically lauded releases on labels like Kaluki, Tamango, and DJ Pierre’s Afro Acid, her MOOD EDITS series, which she co-founded with Sirus Hood, has received backing from industry heavyweights such as Pete Tong, The Martinez Brothers, and Loco Dice, to mention a few. Each edition of MOOD EDITS has topped Bandcamp’s House / Deep House / Minimal chart, demonstrating Manda’s excellent ear for production, while her club and festival gigs have included appearances at Amnesia, The BPM Festival, Elrow, and a slew of others.

Hello Manda Moor, how are you doing?

Hey, I’m doing amazing, grateful to be alive and healthy, grateful for living my dreams.

‘The Climax EP’, your latest release on Hot Creations, has unique and unusual sounds. What was the hardest part while producing this EP?

I didn’t feel that it was hard, I had fun making these cuts, from start to finish! I started these 3 projects the same week, I believe they were meant to be together as an EP.

You’re playing your biggest shows at Amnesia Ibiza and Hï Ibiza this year, could you describe how it feels when you’re sharing the decks with the world-renowned DJs?

I’ve always loved coming to party at these legendary venues, and It’s absolutely mindblowing for me to be on the other side of the booth this time, sharing the decks with my favorite DJs. It’s a dream-like feeling, it’s truly beautiful and I’m enjoying every single moment of it.

When producing electronic dance music the possibilities are endless. Do you have any rules or limitations?

I never force myself to produce, when I’m not feeling it I don’t do it. But I can get into phases where I do just that for weeks in a row. Other than that, I don’t feel that I have limitations. My rule is to be free, as creative as possible, and to always do my best by making something different for every project I start.

We know that you have plans to create your own record label. How will it differ from other labels? Are you going to release other artists’ music as well?

Sirus Hood and I have created great awareness and a dope community thanks to our Mood Edits. Our label will be the continuation of this concept. The community will be at the center of the label and will receive exclusive content and experiences. We believe that our community has something in common, that’s why we will offer them the opportunity to connect with each other. We will integrate web 3.0 tools, press limited vinyl, and release the crème de la crème from amazing artists that we love, and also music from ourselves.

Do you still remember your first attempt to make electronic dance music, what was it like?

It was not easy and not so good haha, but persistence and consistency is key and always pays.

Have you ever experienced a creative block? How do you deal with it?

Of course. I just accept it and try not to pressure myself. I do completely different activities like working out, going out with friends. I also do my best to raise my vibration by connecting with my higher self, with nature, with my cats and my loved ones. I try to get inspired by listening to other artists’ work, and I consume motivational content.

When and where would you choose to live if you could live in any other place and time?

Probably the 90s in Ibiza or somewhere with amazing beaches and parties.

Lastly, what’s the best thing that has happened in your life?

Being able to live off my passion, to wake up everyday whenever I want and excited to do what I love.

Thank you Manda Moor for joining us, we wish you all the best!

Many thanks for having me. Much love!

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