MANTi returns with new contagious ‘Eureka’ EP: Listen

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Tehran-born Mana Nabati, known as MANTi, has released a new EP called ‘Eureka’ on Kiosk ID.

Now living in Los Angeles, MANTi blends House and Electronica to create a mesmerizing and deep musical experience. ‘Eureka‘ pulls listeners into a warm and dynamic world filled with synth swells, bright arpeggios, and intricate rhythms. This release, marked as Kiosk ID no. 028, highlights MANTi’s talent for crafting music that is both emotionally rich and atmospheric.

The EP starts with the title track, ‘Eureka,’ featuring powerful pads and vocal drones that set a serious tone. The track’s structure, with its distorted synth sweeps and crackling white noise drums, turns the dark atmosphere into a powerful Electronica anthem. The striking synth hook adds an extra layer of excitement, creating a captivating sound. Murat Uncuoglu’s remix takes the original’s sweeping sounds and transforms them into a more rhythmic, club-ready version with a driving beat.

Following the title track, ‘Vertigo‘ and ‘Ephemera‘ continue to showcase MANTi’s musical range. ‘Vertigo’ features bright arpeggios over a strong beat, building up to energetic peaks that lift the listener’s spirits. ‘Ephemera’ combines dark, shifting pads with bright piano chords, creating a moody but beautiful track. Together, these songs show how MANTi can balance light and dark elements in her music, making ‘Eureka’ a standout EP in the Electronica scene.

With ‘Eureka,’ MANTi has created a captivating and thoughtful blend of Electronica, establishing her as a notable artist in the genre. This EP is proof of her ability to create music that is both immersive and emotionally powerful.

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