Marbox Releases movie ready EP ‘Unconventional’

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The Italian DJ signs with Sisko Electrofanatik’s label and comes out swinging with his debut.

Cyberpunk movies, like The Matrix and Blade Runner, tend to have really good music scores to accompany them, I say. Well, after hearing the music on Marbox, I’d have a feeling you’d probably agree with me on that point. The Turin-based DJ has a knack for creating a brand of Techno that surely would fit somewhere in them. Sisko Electrofanatik would probably agree, since he signed Marbox to his label, Gain Records, and allowed him to shine brightly. Now Marbox has dropped his debut EP, ‘Unconventional‘, for the label, and let me tell you, you won’t regret listening.

‘Unconventional’ kicks off with the title track and proceeds to put you, the listener, in its own special universe. Thundering bass and Hi-hats that sound like snakes preparing to strike arrive first to begin setting the mood for listeners. Those are then followed by sharp, entrancing synths, snappy snares, and stiff robotic vocals to further build the set. By the epic, albeit abrupt, ending, you’ll have an easy understanding of the comparisons to the Blade Runner movie score. Mozzy Rekorder, one of Gain Records frequent collaborators, also throws his hat in the ring for those who desire intensity. His reworking of the title track pitches up the vocals and adds a more metallic taste to the original synths. Along with a faster pace, it makes the track even more fitting for the idea of a cyber dystopian world.

Lastly, ‘Green Eyes Speaking‘ closes out the EP and takes the crown for the fastest paced song off of it. There’s a groove throughout the track that is certain elevate the pulse of every person who presses play. Cavernous synths proceed to keep up the spirits, resulting in a fantastic rhythm perfect for a brightly lit club. One similarity it has with the title track, however, is that it ends rather abruptly, like a mid-performance power outage.

Marbox started his career and time with Gain Records with a Techno, glitched out bang. Here’s to his limitless future and whatever and wherever it takes him.

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