Marsh Unveils ‘Veil’ – A Club-Ready Journey on SHÈN Recordings

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London-based artist Marsh drops a scintillating club-focused record, ‘Veil’, on Franky Wah’s esteemed SHÈN Recordings. Explore Marsh’s creative journey behind this electrifying track, from its distinctive electro-house bassline to its melodic and dreamy interludes.

In the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music, artists often find inspiration in unexpected places. For London-based musician Marsh, his latest offering, ‘Veil’, is a testament to artistic exploration and genre-blurring creativity. Released on Franky Wah‘s prestigious SHÈN Recordings, ‘Veil’ is more than just a track; it’s a transformative journey for both the artist and the listener.

Talking about the creation of the track, Marsh says, “‘Veil’ is a club-focused record that brings a nice ‘ravey’ moment to my sets when weaved in between the more typical melodic vibes. That said, I still couldn’t resist letting ‘Veil’ have its moment to go melodic and dreamy in the middle! Using an electro-house’esque bassline on the drop was a first for me – It’s not a sound I hear often in current melodic techno trends, but it’s a style that inspired me a lot in the early 2000s, and I’ve always wanted to implement my take on this in a record!”

I’m not completely sure why it’s called ‘Veil’. It’s the name of a character in a book series I have been reading a lot on tour – Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Stormlight Archives’ (highly recommend for any fantasy-loving nerds ((like me)) out there 🤓). ‘Veil’ was a placeholder / first word that popped into my mind when first saving the project, but I think the track definitely grew into the name. In a way, the darker vibes in the intro and outro conceal some of the emotion and beauty found in the middle of the record!


‘Veil’ is, at its core, a club-focused record that injects a captivating ‘ravey’ energy into Marsh’s sets. It’s the kind of track that ignites dancefloors and sends crowds into euphoria. However, what sets it apart is its ability to seamlessly blend the ‘ravey’ moments with the more typical melodic vibes that Marsh is known for.

One standout feature of ‘Veil’ is the distinctive electro-house bassline on the drop. This bold choice showcases Marsh’s willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of current melodic techno trends. Intriguingly, the darker vibes in the intro and outro of the track serve to conceal some of the emotional and beautiful moments found in the middle of the record. It’s this duality, this veiling of emotions, that gives the track a unique depth and intrigue.

Image Credits: Facebook @marshmusician

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