Massane drops his 2nd studio album ‘By The River’

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Massane’s eagerly awaited second studio album, ‘By The River,’ has arrived on the prestigious This Never Happened label. The album highlights Massane’s exceptional versatility, spanning diverse musical genres.

French producer, guitarist, and live act Massane has just dropped his long-awaited second studio album, ‘By The River’, and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Released on This Never Happened, this album stands as a testament to Massane’s exceptional talents as a musician and composer. ‘By The River’ is a musical journey featuring an array of genres that seamlessly merge to create a captivating and cohesive body of work.

Massane’s ‘By The River’ is a testament to his versatility as an artist. It’s an album that defies easy categorization, effortlessly moving through a spectrum of musical styles. At its core, it’s a melodic house album that’s rich with beautifully composed guitar and piano-driven melodies which can be heard from the album opener ‘By The River’. Each track is a work of art, painting vivid soundscapes that transport listeners to distant realms of emotion and introspection.

One of the standout features of ‘By The River’ is Massane’s ability to seamlessly transition between genres. While the album predominantly dwells in the melodic house territory, it also ventures into the realms of dramatic melodic techno. These techno-infused tracks inject a dose of energy into the album, showcasing Massane’s prowess in crafting powerful, dancefloor-ready tunes that still maintain a strong melodic core. Tracks like ‘Cryo’ (w/ Grigoré), ‘Luna’ (w/ 28mm), and also ‘Glider’ are some high-octane tracks from the album.

What truly distinguishes ‘By The River’ is its adept flirtation with pop elements, all the while preserving its unwavering artistic integrity. Massane skillfully weaves these pop influences into his compositions, crafting tracks that not only brim with musical richness but also resonate with a wide and diverse audience. Some vocals-infused tracks like ‘Away’, ‘On My Way’ (w/ Frankie Polari), and ‘Dérive’ (w/ Margane) fall under this category. This delicate balancing act, executed with exquisite finesse by Massane, ensures that the album remains a faithful manifestation of his artistic vision while welcoming a broader spectrum of listeners into the immersive realm of his music.

With each subsequent listen, the album unveils new layers of depth and significance, making it an inviting canvas for exploration. It stands as a jubilant testament to musical diversity and serves as a captivating showcase of Massane’s technical prowess. For enthusiasts of electronic music that stretches the boundaries of possibility while preserving a profound emotional core, ‘By The River’ is unequivocally essential. This album marks a triumphant moment in Massane’s career, solidifying his status as a visionary artist within the electronic music landscape.

Image Credits: Facebook @massane

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