Massimo Logli drops energetic techno EP ‘Kang’

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Massimo Logli, an Italian underground tastemaker, has made a triumphant return to his label, Superba Records, with his latest work, the ‘Kang’ EP.

This release marks another milestone in his already impressive career, showcasing his ability to blend a variety of sounds into something truly unique and electrifying. Known for his diverse sonic palette, Massimo Logli continues to demonstrate his versatility and skill in music production. The ‘Kang‘ EP serves as a testament to his dedication to the craft and his ability to keep the underground techno scene alive and throbbing with new energy.

The EP kicks off with ‘Anser,’ a hard-edged track that encapsulates the essence of trancey techno. It’s designed to transport listeners to a dimly lit dance floor, engulfed in the embrace of pulsating strobe lights and the unyielding beat that mirrors the rhythm of a racing heartbeat. This track sets the tone for the EP, offering a glimpse into Logli’s ability to craft tracks that are not just music but experiences.

Following ‘Anser’ is ‘Biham,’ which stands out as a sonic kaleidoscope, mixing elements of hard acid techno into a compelling auditory journey. It’s as if Logli has bottled the essence of a warehouse rave at the peak of its energy and unleashed it through this track. The relentless kick drum and mesmerizing acid line create an atmosphere of controlled chaos, making ‘Biham’ a standout anthem for the dancefloor.

The EP concludes with ‘Kang,’ a track that epitomizes the power and intensity of Logli’s music. ‘Kang’ erupts like a sonic storm, mixing primal beats with tidal wave-like synths. It excels in creating anticipation and delivering an intense, gripping experience. With the release of ‘Kang’ EP on Superba Records, Massimo Logli cements his status in the Italian techno underground. His innovative yet traditional music secures his lasting legacy.

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