Midnight Pool Party drops cozy dance single ‘USE ME’: Listen

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Midnight Pool Party, the Australian disco/dance project by Darren Morilla and Oliver Dela Cruz, has been making waves in the music scene with their vibrant and sultry beats.

Their unique sound, a seamless blend of influences from acts like Cosmos Midnight, Hayden James, and Disclosure, positions them at the forefront of modern dance music. Over the past year, the Midnight Pool Party has released three dance-floor anthems that have captivated audiences and solidified their reputation as masters of infectious grooves and compelling rhythms.

For their first release of 2024, Midnight Pool Party returns to their roots with the single ‘USE ME,’ a track that revisits the classic disco vibes the band is known for while maintaining the contemporary flair that fans adore. ‘USE ME’ marks a slight departure from their previous themes of personal empowerment and control. This time, the duo dives into the depths of sensuality and consensual submission, exploring the dynamics of trust and control in a sexual context. The song is designed to resonate with listeners on a visceral level, combining their signature danceable beats with a narrative that’s both provocative and exhilarating.

Describing the inspiration behind ‘USE ME,’ Midnight Pool Party explains that the track is about the thrill and comfort found in allowing someone else to take the reins, particularly in intimate encounters. “It’s about meeting someone that excites you and makes you feel comfortable to give yourself to them and let them drive and take control of you and your body,” they share. This bold exploration of vulnerability and desire sets ‘USE ME’ apart, making it a track that’s perfect for the dance floor and one that pushes the boundaries of what dance music can represent. It’s a daring, evocative piece that invites listeners to embrace their desires without reservation, promising to be yet another hit in their growing repertoire of electrifying music.

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