Mila Stern – Five Finger Discount (Original Mix) [Kiosk ID]

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Mila Stern‘s groove-heavy and highly danceable sound explores fringe soundscapes informed by Post-Punk and Electro. What sets her apart is a willingness to embrace unorthodox sounds, explore the beauty in harshness and dissonance, and transform jarring atmospheres into captivating dancefloor moments. With ‘Five Finger EP’, Mila Stern delivers an eclectic six-tracker featuring two high-pressure originals and four carefully selected reimaginations by Camea, mytripismytrip, Öona Dahl, and Hardt Antoine for Kiosk catalog number 021.

‘Five Finger Discount’ encapsulates Mila’s uncompromising aesthetic: warm, powerful, energetic, and constantly teetering on the brink of disintegration. Morphing, overdriven stabs build energy atop a sub-heavy groove and a sea of pads. A sweeping break fractures the track into shuddering bursts of corroded machinery, before the compact groove returns with punishing dancefloor power.

Camea transforms ‘Five Finger Discount’ into a heavy-weight techno roller. Shuddering, pitch-shifting bass hits and salvos, sizzling white noise sweeps, and an ominous mantra morph the track into a darkly efficient peak- time banger.

Hardt Antoine builds his rendition of ‘Deadline Disco’ around an infectiously body-moving arpeggio. Layers of distortion add a searing edge, transforming the original into a stripped powerhouse with Dark Disco undercurrents.

Few artists move on the fringe so comfortably, make unconventional sounds so accessible, or pursue their vision with the same bright-eyed conviction.

With ‘Five Finger EP’, Mila Stern epitomises the magic that happens when uncommon sounds are embedded in the framework of commanding, floor-focused energy. ‘Five Finger EP’ embodies her stand-out style and the stunning range of musical interpretations it inspires.

Release date: 2023-09-08


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