Mollono.Bass and Martin Kohlstedt release ‘Ams’

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Mollono.Bass and Martin Kohlstedt join forces for powerful single ‘Ams’.

Martin Kohlstedt said, “Let’s see where this goes,” as he introduced the final song of his 2018 concert at the 3000Grad Festival, not knowing that these words would kick start a collaboration. Mollono.Bass was captivated by the melody of the final song. He then loaded it into his sequencer and played around with its elements before sending the track back to Kohlstedt.

Together, they created ‘AMS’, released on German record label 3000Grad Records Blending a dynamically rhythmic four-to-the-floor groove with an immersive undercurrent of ethereal depth, the composition effortlessly intertwines with a piano’s delicate yet captivatingly beautiful tones. In its ultimate form, Martin Kohlstedt and Mollono.Bass masterfully achieve a seamless fusion of artistry and dancefloor appeal, propelling their collaborative effort to the next level.

In this extraordinary musical collaboration, the seamless integration of the piano’s timeless elegance with the dynamic and pulsating energy of electronic beats not only serves as a bridge between diverse musical genres but also catapults the listener into a captivating sonic odyssey. Within this innovative fusion, the delicate threads of tradition intertwine with the bold strokes of modernity, creating a harmonious tapestry that not only delights the senses but also transcends the boundaries of conventional musical expression.

Image Credits: Instagram @mollono.bass

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