N/UM continues Electro-Organic journey with BKS-04

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N/UM, the Innovative New York-based trio, drops a Captivating Vinyl-Only Release ‘BKS-04’ with Brooklyn Sway, Marking the Label’s Fourth Release

In the heart of the bustling New York music scene resides a unique trio known as N/UM. Comprising Jeremy Loucas, Elias Meister, and Emil Bovbjerg, this New York-based live electronic ensemble has carved a distinctive niche for itself, blending house and techno influences with a penchant for improvisation. N/UM’s musical odyssey takes another captivating turn with their latest release, ‘BKS-04‘ a vinyl-only offering available exclusively through Brooklyn Sway.

Brooklyn Sway, a vinyl-only label rooted in the heart of New York City, has become a trusted platform for showcasing the diverse talents of artists within the local music scene. The label’s mission is clear: to curate a catalog that transcends boundaries and offers listeners a sonic journey unlike any other. N/UM, with its classic analog instruments, modular synths, and live vocals, embodies this ethos perfectly. They are true pioneers of improvised electronic live music, pushing the envelope of what’s possible in the world of sound.

N/UM’s sonic explorations have taken them to some of the most iconic venues and festivals on the planet. From performing on the Robot Heart Bus at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada to gracing the closing set at the prestigious Mutek Festival in Montreal, N/UM has consistently challenged conventional musical norms.

Fresh from their European tour, which included electrifying shows at venues like Yellowhouse in Amsterdam and the legendary Sisyphos in Berlin, N/UM is now gearing up for a string of releases and concerts that promise to captivate audiences worldwide.

Their latest vinyl release, ‘BKS-04’ includes two tracks by N/UM and one extended track by Ohm Hourani. N/UM’s “Our Way” prominently features the vintage Arp String Ensemble from 1974, a hybrid of electronic organ and synthesizer, creating a hypnotic sonic landscape. Their second track, ‘Any Time‘ was born during a tour in India, recorded at the beach club Chronicle in Goa. Ohm’s contribution, ‘Diva‘ combines a playful vocal sample with an entrancing beat.

As they continue their musical journey, N/UM is set to perform at the Cityfox Halloween Festival at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, New York, on October 27th, followed by a performance at the SAT Dome in Montreal, Canada, on October 28th.

N/UM’s “BKS-04” invites you to embark on an electro-organic journey, where sonic innovation meets unbridled creativity. With each improvised performance and every vinyl groove, N/UM and Brooklyn Sway invite you to experience the power of music in its purest form.

Purchase available via this link

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