Nico Moreno announce new tour and release

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French Techno artist Nico Moreno recently announced a new tour, as well as a monumental release set for the end of the year.

Known for his awe-inspiring beats and originative soundscapes, Nico Moreno not only dazzles audiences all around, but critics too. His music takes audiences on blissful journeys and knows how to keep them on their toes and wanting more. Recently, Moreno announced a series of festival dates he’ll be performing at to further continue bringing these experiences to life. On top of that, Moreno also announced that he has a new release set towards the end of 2023.

The tour starts on Saturday, July 1 at Kappa Festival, which Moreno opens, and ends on Sunday, August 27 at Nibiri Festival. All along the way, Moreno plans to make appearances at Dour Fest, Insane Fest, Monegros Fest, and many more. All the while, he hopes to continue leaving a lasting mark on existing fans and find new fans as well. Across the eight dates he has in store, Moreno promises to set the tone with his eclectic, atmospheric, boundary-pushing performances. With a promise like that, the fans must expect nothing less than the best and newcomer to be blown away. But I believe Moreno will have no issue doing so.

Dates for Nico Moreno’s Tour:

7/1 at Kappa Festival

7/2 at By The Creek Festival

7/12 at Dour Festival

7/29 at Monegros Festival

8/5 at Teletech Festival x Boiler Room

8/11 at Insane Festival

8/19 at Carl Cox Invite

8/27 at Nibiri Festival

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