Nicolas Masseyeff unveils new album ‘Endless’

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Nicolas Masseyeff, a French DJ and producer, releases his first album on Marc Romboy’s label Systematic after almost ten years.

Nicolas Masseyeff, who was raised on the French Riviera, began his career as a neighborhood record salesman before opening his own business, Limelight, and turning it into the most renowned vinyl hangout in the South of France. Since the late 2000s, Nicolas has been pursuing music production full-time, allowing him to follow his true calling and developing into the versatile musician he is today. Nicolas has tirelessly worked to create a sound that crosses house, electronica, downtempo, and afro house. He has released music on Herzblut Recordings, Systematic, KD Music, Mobilee, and many other prestigious companies. His discography is filled with collaborations with Kittin, Oxia, and Parallelle as well as remixes for Frankyeffe, Pig&Dan, Nikola Gala, Hot Since 82, and numerous other artists.

The album is filled to the brim with luscious tones, electronic-tinged rhythms, and complex soundscapes that are appropriate for both home listening and club audiences. The cover art for the album was created by Nicolas Masseyeff’s brother, renowned visual artist Yann Masseyeff.

Endless’ represents a melting pot of my influences. Eleven years after my first album, I wanted to fix the time again, about all the feelings I had in my heart when I was producing in my studio these past months. For me, the greatest value of a track is to stay nontemporal and go through the years…and it’s the magic of music…we all have some love for some old tracks…the power of love…this endless feeling…something truly personal that you can share with the people.

– Nicolas Masseyeff

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