Nihil Young drops a chilling EP ‘A New Kind’

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Italian producer Nihil Young releases a new EP that’s sure to leave ravers in a cold sweat.

DJs tend to possess the mindset of an artist, with their synths, beats, and occasional samplers being their handy brushes. Italy’s own Nihil Young certainly treats his music like painting a masterpiece, with his ability to convey various emotions audibly. Over the years, Young’s music caught the attention of of various labels, resulting in signings to Toolroom, Kittball, and Zerothree among others. DJs and producers like Fritz Kalkbrenner, Speedy J, Aquarius Heaven, and Stefano Noferini shared the stage with Young too. Not too long ago, Nihil Young dropped a new EP titled ‘A New Kind‘, a chilling Melodic Techno rave banger.

‘A New Kind’ contains two tracks that will surely put ravers and clubbers in the best cold sweat they’ve experienced. Both tracks, the title track and ‘Mean Streets‘, contain a tribal-like beat and daunting, chilling synths sure to excite listeners. Any atmosphere built in each song gets boosted by a bass groove that bounces more than a racing pinball machine. However, each song, in its own way, feels like someone in a neon-soaked club turned the temperature down to freezing. All of this leads to an EP that feels energetic yet beautifully eerie, ensuring listeners grab a blanket afterward.

Like a mixture of Picasso and Goya, Nihil Young paints a spine-tingling EP sure to build intense emotion in listeners. Whatever masterpiece he makes next is sure to fascinate.

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