Noemi Black: “I’m always trying to take my listeners on a journey”

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Today we caught up with Polish producer and DJ Noemi Black, to chat about her new single, inspiration, life, and more.

Noemi Black, a producer, DJ, and label head born in Poland, is one of the most exciting artists appearing on the European techno scene in the last ten years. With a hugely impressive career discography that includes original productions and remixes on some of the business’s biggest labels, Noemi has established a reputation as one of the most diligent, and naturally talented artists on the techno circuit in a relatively short period of time.

Noemi began her career as a DJ in the early 2000s, learning and perfecting her technical skills in the plethora of underground clubs and warehouses of Poland’s Silesia region. Noemi has already performed in several nations over her career, including Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain, Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and India. It is reasonable to say that Noemi Black will have a ton of wonderful new albums, projects, and performances in the upcoming months and years because of her unwavering drive and determination, which are essential components of the blooming artist we see before us now.

Hello Samanta, thank you for taking the time to chat with us. How are you doing?

Hey, it’s a real pleasure for me. I’m good, thank you for asking. Right now I’m on a Tour in Poland. I’ll play a few gigs here.

Could you introduce yourself to those who are not familiar with Noemi Black?

I’m a Techno and Hard Techno Dj and Music Producer. Right now, I’m focusing more on the Harder side of Techno. I was born in Poland, but now I live in Spain, in Palma de Mallorca. During my career, I was playing in almost all European countries. I had also gigs in India, Egypt, and Lebanon.

Not so long ago, you released ‘For Me’ single. Where did you find the inspiration?

Yes, it was released on 10.03.2023. I created this one last summer. My plan for this Track was to create something, that people would like to hear not only in the club but also at home, during work, or during their exercises. I needed a small break from the hard-hitting Techno at that moment. It’s also the last Peak Time Techno Track from me. Right now I’m working on way harder Tracks.

It also features two prolific remixes by Dominik Saltevski and F-Rontal. What was the process of picking the remixes?

I know guys for a long time, and I know their music very well. I was sure, they will be able to create something unique from my Original Mix. I wasn’t disappointed.

What does your studio setup look like?

I’m working mainly with the software. I’m creating music in Ableton Live. My favorite soft synths are Arturia, Native Instruments, and U-He synths. On the subject of hardware, I love the semi-modular Moog Mother 32. For the drums, I use Roland Aira TR-8. I plan to expand my hardware stuff very soon.

What do you enjoy the most about DJing?

There are so many aspects that I love in DJing. But the most important for me is contact with my fans. I love to see how they react to my music and how they are enjoying my selection. All the small talk and taking photos after or before my gig. I simply love it. What do I enjoy also? Traveling, meeting new people, and learning new cultures. I’m very thankful, for this opportunity and I try to enjoy every second of my Tour.

For most DJs, it is a vital step to carefully choose tracks to provide the best experience for the audience. How do you pick the music for your DJ sets?

I’m always trying to take my listeners on a journey. On a journey thru my world of Techno. Every set should be different, and unique. I’m spending a lot of time every week digging for new music. It’s hard to explain how I’m choosing the Tracks. After a few seconds I know, if this one is the right one for me. For sure they have to be energetic, with a powerful kick and rolling bass. Melody is also important to me. I love to put some melodic Tracks into my sets.

What other things do you do besides music?

I live in Mallorca so I have many opportunities. I love cycling, so when I have some free time, I’m taking my bike, and I’m exploring the Island. Hiking is also a thing, that I like doing in my free time. I’m also trying to learn new things so I’m reading a lot. Self-development is something, that brings me a lot of joy at the moment.

How would you describe a perfect day?

I woke up, the sun is shining. After having breakfast on my terrace, I’m going to my studio to work on a new Track and listen to the new music. After a few hours, I’m going to take a short sunbath on a beach and swim in the sea. In the evening I’m taking a plane to the next gig. Yes, this would be my perfect day! 🙂

Finally, what are your plans for 2023? Is there something special that you can reveal?

It will be a busy year for me. My schedule for the next few months is full. I’ll have finally my UK debut. I’ll return also to some incredible places, but I can’t tell you more at the moment. Since the beginning of the year, I’m working on some new tracks. I’ve finished a few Tracks already and the first of them is ready to be released. Great things are coming, I’m sure!

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