Oi & Oska – Jupiter (Original Mix) [Powder Music]

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Buy link: https://www.beatport.com/track/jupiter/18954441

Oi joins the powder family with a powerful five-track EP – Interstellar.

Bursting onto the scene a decade ago, Omar Inbar has carved out an inenvible career as a DJ, producer and sound engineer working with some of Israel’s most exciting artists gaining high-profiles fans such as Solomun along the way. Pivotal in the local Tel Aviv scene, Oi has helped shape the clubbing meccas reputation with his distinctive style that fuses house, techno and psychedelic sounds.

First up, ‘Interstellar’ opens in expectant ambience; as if the audience is drawing to a hush feet facing the DJ, open to a new experience. Then: squelchy bass, rap vocals and a guitar led disco groove from hell! Fresh, creative and totally unexpected. ‘Orion’ comes to life with saw-toothed bass and rising pads. Snappy percussion and hooky melodics keep this fun and funky.

Sirius’ comes next. Opening with repeated vocals and a shuffling shaker, the groovesome bass is straight out of Studio54. ‘Neptune’ takes a deeper path with sparse percussion and deft bass. Vibing from the off, this is perfect warm up material with a twist.
Finally, the acidic tribal sounds of ‘Jupiter’ round off a surprising and thoroughly creative pack. Bubbling and flowing, the acid gives way to studio engineer explaining sounds and bright pianos.

Release date: 2024-05-17