Paco Osuna and Melanie Ribbe drop wicked EP ‘The Key’

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The acclaimed Spanish artist teams up with the young German star for a dazzling release.

Paco Osuna KNOWS how to make bodies move. With over 20 years in music and much acclaim along the way to boot, how could he possibly not know? He’s always in demand for DJ headliners and has had music released through legendary labels like Defected and Drumcode. Osuna is also not above doing collabs with other DJs, like Melanie Ribbe in this particular case. Ribbe herself has been turning heads all across the world with her own brand of dazzling Tech House music. Labels like Moon Harbour and Little Helpers, as well as places like Amnesia Ibiza, have blasted her party-ready music.

So naturally, as the pair have collaborated on stage, it only made sense that they bring that vibe to audio. Ribbe has said ‘The Key‘, the end product of said collab, is a long time coming for them. ‘The Key’ kicks the EP off and wastes no time in getting the party started. The warbling synths and sizzling beats are enough to get people bouncing immediately to the groove of this Techno banger. There’s even some vocals that border on a very hip-hop flow that’s stable within the song’s flowing structure.

Continuing on, ‘Dance Tonight‘ comes not too far behind and, in my opinion, is without a doubt the standout track. While it does follow similar elements as track one, this song has an almost 90s throwback vibe to it. Vocals that tend to remind me of Prince further emphasize that vibe, as they have a rather soulful nature. ‘Shake Control‘ closes out the three-track EP, making sure every last bit of energy has been thoroughly spent. Throbbing basslines and industrial-like synths make for most of the runtime, perfect for those who have kept going incessantly. More interestingly, however, the track fakes an ending partway through, then proceeds to fake a drop before ACTUALLY dropping. I think it’s fair to say the two DJs really want to keep the listener on their toes with this.

Paco Osuna and Melanie Ribbe have had a lot of respect for each other over the years. They wanted to do something different and unique with this collab and I say they certainly accomplished that here. And we should thank them very much for doing so.

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