Peggy Gou drops new single ‘1+1=11’ from her upcoming debut album ‘I Hear You’

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Peggy Gou has released her fourth single ‘1+1=11’ from her upcoming debut album ‘I Hear You’ set to drop on June 7th.

Coming on the heels of her hits like ‘(It Goes Like) Nanana’, ‘I Go’ and the Lenny Kravitz collab ‘I Believe in Love Again’, ‘1+1=11’ is a smooth expansion of her oeuvre as an electronic dance maestro. Building on the 90s trance, synth-heavy retro electro sound that has become synonymous with her name, Peggy playfully releases a track that could have easily come out in 1992. In a press release, Peggy Gou stated, “I Hear You is more than just my debut album. It embodies countless hours of dedication in my journey to create something timeless, and is a testament to the power of listening, to ourselves and each other”

The track would not be out of place in the soundtrack of a thriller, or an 80s Bond movie, a la A View to Kill, with the theme of the same name by Duran Duran. Peggy’s music has always had a unique visual language, even going back to her 2019 release Starry Night. The music video for ‘1+1=11’ is directed by Icelandic Danish artist Olafur Eliasson who break dances through the 3 minute 10 second track.

Peggy Gou, who began her career as a DJ in 2009, occupies a unique space as a Korean artist who sings in both English & Korean and is based in Berlin, reflecting the global soul and resonance of electronic music. Her upcoming album is sure to be a landmark in the career of an artist who has spent more than a decade fine-tuning their sound. Perhaps Gou will be the harbinger of a summer of Eurodance revival and early techno-trance renaissance.

Image Credits: Instagram @peggygou_

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