Polygon brings the world’s most advanced, multi-sensory, 3D environment to festivals this winter

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A leader in engineering, design, sound, lighting, and multi-sensory 3D environments, Polygon Live is a firm focusing on event-related technologies.

Its technology is enabling a live music revolution that is taking place right now, and it will be on display at MDLBEAST Soundstorm in Saudi Arabia from December 1–3 and Wonderfruit in Thailand from December 15–18, giving partygoers the chance to experience this cutting-edge production firsthand.

Nothing less than a complete breakdown of everything you’ve encountered at an event before is involved in Polygon’s cutting-edge technology. Relearning what it means to work with live sound and lighting is involved. A global dive into mind-bending, skeleton-quavering experiences that stop you in your tracks.

A group of creative professionals came together to form Polygon in 2018, and they have since created a unique 360-degree space. In actuality, this entails constructing a hemispherical truss and equipping it with a system powered by the ground-breaking L-ISA processor from L-Acoustics. Individual components of the mix can be placed thoughtfully across the soundscape and spatialized to move all around you thanks to L-ISA. Fans will become completely engrossed in a whole new sensory experience when this is combined with synchronized lighting, holograms, pyrotechnics, and even smell dispersion.

By doing this, Polygon not only redefines how music is appreciated but also establishes new standards for live event production.

Traditional events typically involve a stage and an array of speakers that clearly distinguish artist from audience. Our approach is to dismantle these boundaries. In everything we do, we’re working to create a unified, cohesive, connected whole. The original stereo patents are about 90 years old now. And finally, there’s an alternative. A way of listening to — no, absorbing — music that is more immediate, more intense, and more visceral. Stand inside a Polygon stage, and the music moves through your bones. We’ve also designed our system so that it can be moved across the world quickly and cost effectively. Our upcoming shows at Soundstorm and Wonderfruit, less than a week apart if we consider the time it will take to derig the first and install the second, demonstrate this.

– Polygon CEO Nico Elliott
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