R3HAB and Laidback Luke celebrates launch of new Music Royalty NFT Marketplace anotherblock with huge release ‘Weekend on a Tuesday’

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The dance music titans R3HAB and Laidback Luke release their first collaborative single, “Weekend On A Tuesday,” in a potent alliance.

With Luke’s groovy house influence and R3HAB’s slapping basslines, together with some velvety vocals carrying loads of soul, the tune shows the distinctive styles of both musicians. When you need to get out and have a good time during the week, ‘Weekend On A Tuesday‘ is the perfect song to listen to. A transparent music royalty NFT marketplace, where each owner of ‘Weekend On A TuesdayNFT will receive a portion of the single’s streaming income, is also introduced by the release.

A democratic price of about 87 USD can be paid for 250 NFTs, each of which entitles the owner to a 0.02% part of streaming income. Credit cards and decentralized wallets like Metamask can be used to buy NFTs. Fans will be able to view the value of their NFT on anotherblock, as opposed to other music royales NFT sites, as well as what payments to anticipate and other useful information, making anotherblock one of the most open NFT platforms of its kind.

After many months and many versions back and forth, Luke and I are excited to share ‘Weekend On A Tuesday’ with the world. This is a song about breaking away from the norm and choosing to follow your own beat. Sometimes you need to bring the energy to the start of the week – this song is made to get the party started, and we are happy to be part of the launch of anotherblock platform.


I’m super thrilled to have finally landed this track with R3HAB. Him and I go way back! R3HAB came with this amazing bassline, and I poured a bit more of a housey sound over it. And let’s be honest, ‘Weekend On A Tuesday’ is how it often feels for us touring DJs. And it’s so exciting we combine this track with the launch of anotherblock.

– Laidback Luke

Music NFTs should combine the amazing worlds that artists create, the color, feeling, emotional connection, with a whole new approach to music purchases, royalties, and fan experiences. NFTs with clear, easy-to-grasp, real-world value promise to transform the music business from its current, sometimes frustrating state into a more artist-friendly, fan-engaging community

– Michel D. Traore (anotherblock cofounder and CEO)

Grab a copy on Beatport now!

Stream R3HAB, Laidback Luke – Weekend On A Tuesday on Spotify:


1. Weekend On A Tuesday (Original Mix)

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