Reimagining ‘Laura’: Argy and Omnya team up for a striking remix

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The Renowned Artists Argy and Omnya Join Hands to Remix Chart-Topper ‘Laura,’ Set for Release via Berlin-based ‘Embassy One’.

The highly successful track ‘Laura‘ originally composed by Steffen Linck, popularly known as Monolink, is receiving a remix by the talented duo of Argy and Omnya. Let me tell you, this isn’t the first time this duo has come together; they previously collaborated on the track, ‘Aria.’ The reimagined version is scheduled for release tomorrow through the esteemed German record label Embassy One

Monolink’s original rendition of ‘Laura’ was released in 2021 as a part of his second album, Under Darkening Skies.’ The song garnered immense popularity, marking it as both the standout hit of the album and one of the biggest hits of his career. With its captivating blend of retro influences, profound lyrics, and an overall enchanting musicality, ‘Laura’ continues to resonate as a masterpiece in Monolink’s repertoire.

Monolink, the German Dj, Singer, Songwriter, and Producer is one of the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music worldwide. The visionary musician and producer released his debut single in 2015 and his first album, Amniotic, in 2018.

With a career spanning nearly two decades, the Greek artist Argy has enjoyed a considerable amount of success, achieving hits that have resonated throughout his journey. Over the course of his career, he has released four albums, the latest of which was released in 2012, in addition to an impressive tally of 27 singles. Argy’s reputation extends beyond his music production prowess; he is equally esteemed for his impeccable track selection and skilful mixing abilities.

Step into the realm of Omnya, a captivating collaborative venture brought to life by the synergy of two talented Israeli DJs and producers, Ilan Shemi and Maor Tsemah. Emerging onto the scene as a newly-launched project, Omnya has swiftly made its mark within the music community, leaving an indelible impression with its mesmerizing tracks.

In February of this year, Ilan Shemi and Maor Tsemah united their creative forces, embarking on a collective journey after a string of successful solo endeavours. This dynamic duo’s impending releases have not only captured the attention of discerning listeners but have also found their way onto the coveted touring playlists of A-list DJs such as Tale Of Us, Camelphat, and Innellea

Omnya’s sonic signature is characterized by immersive melodies that envelop the senses, paired with rhythmically infectious beats that set dance floors in motion. Their productions are a tapestry of sound, seamlessly weaving together elements that culminate in grand climactic moments. 

This distinct musical palette has found a cherished home within the revered Afterlife label, a testament to the duo’s remarkable artistry.

Get ready to groove to the dynamic remix of ‘Laura‘ by Argy and Omnya, set for release on Embassy One. Building on their previous successful collaboration on ‘Aria,’ this electrifying rendition adds a fresh and rhythmic dimension to Monolink’s iconic track. Dive into the captivating beats and immersive melodies as Argy and Omnya take you on a musical journey that’s not to be missed. Available tomorrow, this remix is a must-listen for music enthusiasts seeking a new sonic experience.

Image Credits: © Cyrill Matter (Press Kit)

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