Rinzen delivers melodic techno weapon ‘Renaissance’

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The underground icon of Los Angeles, Rinzen, makes his Factory 93 Records debut with ‘Renaissance,’ a pulsating, melodic techno classic.

By fusing cinematic sound design with cutting-edge techno production, Rinzen is renowned for producing music that feels enormous and awe-inspiring. With ‘Renaissance,’ the LA native makes his Factory 93 debut and showcases his prowess in the studio.

Starting off with a harsh and unrelenting groove as expansive synth elements begin to infiltrate the mix. The primary three-note motif, which up until this point has been static, starts to move up and down the scale as the song progresses, exploring more melodic terrain and establishing the song’s hook. The breakdown starts with eerie voices and evocative elements that cascade around the lead before giving way to a sea of ambience. The synth tune returns, rising steadily while its filter reintroduces high frequencies as a longing voice starts to speak through the ether. Before launching back into the groove and giving us a little moment of rest, Rinzen pulls off a genuine hands-in-the-air moment.

It’s been a dream of mine to work with Factory 93 ever since it was launched. I have a long history with attending Insomniac events. EDC 2010 in Los Angeles was the first festival I ever went to, and it had a profound impact on my love of electronic music. Many years later, it’s a full circle moment to be working with Insomniac and Factory 93 on this release.

– Rinzen

Image Credits: (Press Kit)

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