Rodriguez Jr. announces full-length studio album ‘Feathers & Bones’

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Award-winning producer Rodriguez Jr., who is known throughout the world for his wealth of intricate productions and an extensive musical catalog that strikes the ideal balance between power and grace, today announces the release of his most recent full-length studio album project, Feathers & Bones, via his recently established imprint of the same name on May 26.

Feathers & Bones is a two-year-long, ten-track opus that delves deeply into the Frenchman’s complicated aural identity. It was conceptualized when the artist was living in Paris and finished in his new home in Miami. The album marks the beginning of a new phase in Rodriguez Jr.‘s illustrious career and includes several new solo productions, two singles with Cuban-American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Liset Alea, his collaboration with multifaceted Italian artist Giorgia Angiuli, as well as his eagerly awaited debut with legendary English hip hop/electronica group, Stereo MC‘s.

Rodriguez Jr. has revealed the upcoming vocal single to be taken from the album, which follows the recent release of Tuning The Moon with Giorgia Angiuli. Working with his wife and fellow Nouvelle Vague artist Liset Alea, ‘Amplify’ combines raw bass, heavenly synths, and Liset’s seductive vocals to create hedonistic grooves over its duration. This endearing composition will leave a lasting impact on the listener because of its flawless harmony. Rodriguez Jr. joins Amplify and releases Lithium, his debut instrumental album. The song’s spooky pads and flurrying synths gradually intensify the track’s ominous mood as a raw, pounding bass propels it forward.

Rodriguez Jr. says:

Now more than ever, I feel the urgency to explore different formats and genres. Twenty-five years of experience in music production and thousands of shows for diverse audiences all over the world has taught me that the unpredictable is often at the core of every achievement, especially today when dance music has become so formatted. The album is a pivot towards a new chapter of my life and carries the personal alchemy that I seek in my live shows; oscillating between dreamy melodies, ethereal textures and kinetic beats.

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