Safar releases magnificent two-track EP ‘The Lost Tribe’

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The Afro House artist puts a third notch in his Sol Selectas belt with his latest release ‘The Lost Tribe’.

In a world of artists who desire to stand out, Safar is one who truly fits the bill. The French native has entertained audiences all around with his gripping blend of European House music and African tribal rhythms. While most of his work resides on labels like Deep Root Tribe, he’s currently releasing under Sol Selectas. Safar isn’t unfamiliar with them, however, as he’d previously released a track for their Sol Summer series, along with a remix.

This latest EP marks his first collective release with the Sabo-led label, two tracks that showcase both his sounds. The EP, titled ‘The Lost Tribe‘, starts with the title track, which focuses on the African side of his style. Upon listening, you could almost believe that you were right there in an African village, watching an actual tribe performance. Of course, there are still some House elements, like atmospheric synths and scratchy beats, yet they never feel hamfisted. The chants shouted throughout the track also feel well-timed to the rhythm of the music, which increases their impact.

If you’re someone who prefers the more usual House type of sound, then look no further than the track ‘Memelles‘. The foundational beats a good ‘ole classic chest thumper, alongside hiccup-like programming that could almost mimic tribal whoops. Furthermore, there’s beautifully laced synthwork throughout that add elements of Trance music that help build the track’s atmosphere. That’s not to say that there aren’t any African elements, as the main hook mostly revolves around soothing, hypnotic chants. But I do believe that the most surprising element comes from the piano and trumpet melodies that pop up close to the end that give a rather jazzy vibe. Truly interesting indeed.

So overall, Safar continues to balance his European upbringing with his African roots in the best way he knows how. At the end of the day, is there anything more we can ask of him?

‘The Lost Tribe’ by Safar is available now via Beatport

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