Sam Blacky release hypnotizing afro-house single ‘Munca’

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Sam Blacky returns to Thrive Music with the second single ‘Munca’ from her upcoming EP.

Sam Blacky, a DJ, and producer based in Los Angeles, makes a comeback with ‘Munca’ a sensual tribal gem that sonically exemplifies the sound of Sam’s upcoming EP. Since she has always been a world citizen and travel enthusiast, her music has always had a strong global theme, from her 2021 single ‘Body‘ to her 2022 singles ‘Paradise‘ and ‘Colombiana.’ Driving basslines, tribal melodies, and seductive vocals in the opening of ‘Munca’ will transport you to an ethereal African paradise where you can dance the night away. The new tune comes after Sam’s most recent hit, ‘Bogota’ which was also her debut on Thrive Music, one of the top independent dance-electronic record companies in the United States.

Sam, who is originally from San Diego, lived in Australia for several years, when she first discovered her love for music production and live performance. Music and performing have taken center stage in her life ever since she returned to Los Angeles. From 2017 until the present, Sam has given live performances at some of the best electronic festivals and clubs in the world, including those in Mexico, Ibiza, and Bali.

Speaking about the single Sam says,

“‘Munca’ is actually my favorite record on the EP. When I was writing the melody, I immediately fell in love, and the tribal vocal I layered on top just worked perfectly and gave the song such a beautiful, almost ethereal tribal rhythm. I’ve been really inspired by Afro House and World Music, in general, the last couple of years – and my music, as well as my sets, are gearing more and more towards that vibe. It’s been a journey figuring out my sound in the public eye, as most artists do that far before they even launch their projects. Munca, as well as the other two songs, are another step closer in the direction of where I want to be.”

Image Credits: © Ross Laurence Studio (Press Kit)

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