Satori returns to Damian Lazarus imprint with his latest album, Dreamin’ Colours

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Satori, a Dutch musician, has a new album called Dreamin’ Colours, which is published on the legendary imprint Crosstown Rebels on April 22nd, 2022.

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The nine-track LP, which was recorded at Ibiza’s prestigious Sonic Vista Studios, has been highly anticipated following the release of its first three singles: Yellow Blue Bus ft. Laska, Lalai ft. Ariana Vafadari, and most recently Gin Song.

Dreamin’ Colours is an airy, whirling collection of art that is rich in texture, color, and imagination. Satori stretches himself out through languorous, mystical explorations of both the digital and analog elements of music, the result a beautifully orchestrated collection of world music, steeped in electronic and Balkan roots, and straddling a variety of genres from blues and indie electronic to opera, folk, and beyond.

Satori’s Balkan ancestry overlays his production with dreamy, ethereal, Eastern European elements on Dreamin’ Colours, despite his upbringing in the Netherlands, where commercial electronic music reigns supreme. His exultant enjoyment of Eastern European music, weaving brilliant threads of its earthy, lyrical, rhythmic sounds into his vast musical tapestry, is the album’s overarching voice. The album is, according to Satori, his most intimate yet, having been written during the epidemic and driven by the anguish of separated love.

I wanted to use the studio and recording techniques that were used in the seventies and eighties for this album. My whole point was to make electronic music sound as if it were being played by a band, which is why I collaborated with Henry Sarmiento of Sonic Vista Studios. It was so inspiring – he taught me how they approached recording in the eighties and we applied that to each track. Throughout the whole process, we were never aiming for the perfect take. Instead, we were looking for the take that had the most character.

– Satori

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Stream Satori – Dreamin’ Colours LP on Spotify:


1. Satori – Colourful Dream (Original Mix)
2. Satori, Ariana Vafadari – Lalai (Original Mix)
3. Satori, Kalima – Tuti (Original Mix)
4. Satori – Moj Dilbere (Original Mix)
5. Satori, My Baby – The Gin Song (Original Mix)
6. Satori, Laska – Yellow Blue Bus (Original Mix)
7. Satori, El Mundo – Troublemaker (Original Mix)
8. Satori, Ora Dea, Moshe Halperin – Condor (Original Mix)
9. Satori, Hugo Oak – Lonely Boy (Redux) (Original Mix)

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