Sébastien Léger delivers a three-track EP on All Day I Dream

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In advance of his highly anticipated appearance at ‘All Day I Dream Of Endless Summer’ at the Brooklyn Mirage on September 18, modular synth guru and electronic music pioneer Sébastien Léger returns to All Day I Dream today to present his ‘Regina Blue’ EP.

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Sébastien, a longtime member of the All Day I Dream family, first signed with the label in 2018, the same year he released his renowned ‘Lost Miracle‘ EP. Since then, Sébastien has consistently contributed to the label and performed at ADID events all around the world, becoming a pillar of the musical identity of All Day I Dream. Prior to ‘Regina Blue,’ he had four EPs on the label, and he had been on a number of All Day I Dream compilations. The critically acclaimed publication of Sébastien’s most recent All Day I Dream EP, ‘Feel,’ in 2021 left fans yearning for his return to the label. It features the hit songs ‘Feel‘ and ‘Son of Sun.’

Three original songs from the ‘Regina Blue‘ EP highlight Sébastien Léger’s producing skills and emotional range. The EP’s opening track, ‘Title,’ takes its time developing the percussion-driven rhythm until Sébastien introduces joyful melodic elements through potent synth lines. The record’s B-side, ‘We Used to Laugh,’ opens with upbeat, fluttering synths surrounded by sharp percussion. Sébastien’s harmonies take listeners on a journey as the song develops, stirring up strong emotions in them. The EP is completed with the upbeat, rhythmic track ‘The Indian Gate,’ which has filtered chanting over a funk beat.

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