Senzala: “The most important aspect for me is to allow the music to do the talking”

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Today London-based artist Senzala has stopped by to chat with us about his new release on Rebellion, musical journey, life, and more.

Born and raised in London, Senzala has Brazilian ancestry. His sound is the result of years of collecting wax and experimenting with various audio palettes. Today, he combines spiritual vocals with rhythms that have lots of groove to create surreal soundscapes. Senzala has already released music on Cuttin’ Headz, SCI-Tec, and Knee Deep In Sound, demonstrating her potential as a rising artist. Senzala is a well-known DJ in the Manchester and London scenes, and earlier this year, he participated in a Get Lost showcase in Miami with the Crosstown Rebels group. Senzala is poised to make a huge impact on the global house scene with additional projects planned for 2022.

Hello Senzala, how are you doing? What was the most memorable experience you had this year so far?

Hey guys, what’s up? I’ve literally got back from Ibiza from a crazy few days, so it’s nice to be at home chilling out. The most memorable experience for me this year has got to be Day Zero Festival in Tulum. Towards the end of 2021, I wrote a bunch of tracks, especially for Day Zero. Before the festival, I was in talks with Damian about him taking a follow-up to my Slow Burn release on Rebellion, to which I sent him a lot of music. The day before the festival I sent Steve Martinez a bunch of other tracks and as soon as I got to the festival Steve played all five tracks I sent him and told me he wanted three for Cuttin’ Headz. Damian was road testing all the tracks I sent him and confirmed an EP. A very memorable experience for me as I set the goal and the goal exceeded my imagination!

Could you introduce yourself to those who are not familiar with Senzala?

Senzala is a mixture of Tribal/Amazonian/Jungle sounds infused with raw beats and rolling basslines that captivate the listener and keep them locked in.

For every track, I produce I really try to hypnotize a feeling and a trip. The idea is to take the listener on my journey and really give them an experience they haven’t had before.

Congratulations on your new EP ‘D.O.D’ that landed today on Rebellion imprint. It is an extraordinary release where every track tells a story. How did you come up with this EP?

Thank you so much, very kind of you.

The idea behind the tracks was to bring the listener into another dimension and really explore a tribal feeling with haunting bassline and shamanic chanting. I’ve spent a lot of time in various parts of South America as well as living in Tulum recently. The influence you get whilst being away is crazy.

Your music was supported by respected DJs such as Danny Howard, Damian Lazarus, John Digweed, and more. What do you think is the most important to get the attention of DJs to play your music?

The most important aspect for me is to allow the music to do the talking. Keep it simple and stay consistent with your sound.

What piece of hardware/software do you find the most useful in your productions?

Roland SH101 – you simply can’t beat it.

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Damian. I’d gain so much knowledge from him sitting in the studio.

There is so much music in the current scene, are you following the music trends and trying to keep relevant?

I don’t really follow a trend or try to stay relevant, I’m really trying to push my sound to a wider scale and develop within my sound. Following trends and trying to stay relevant only lead to confusion. You can really lose your identity trying to follow a trend; unless you are the trend, in my opinion.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

I go to the gym and box for a mental unwind, it’s a really good way to clear any clogged thoughts or ideas; not just for music but for any issues in life. I go every day and I always find I am so much more productive when I finish.

Finally, what can you reveal next for Senzala in 2022?

I am playing at Hï with Damian for the Black Coffee night on the 27th of August, a gig I have really been looking forward to. Expect more music from me as well as a special EP to be released next year with Brandon Lucas – an unbelievable vocalist/producer from LA who I’ve got to know the past couple of months. There will be a few more little surprises that I can’t reveal yet, but super excited for what’s ahead.

Purchase Senzala – D.O.D. EP via this link

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