Sigrid Rosier: “Electronic music brings in so many possibilities and gives you the freedom to create sound beyond imagination”

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Today we caught up with sonic architect Sigrid Rosier, to talk about her new upcoming album release, image, inspirations, and more.

Sigrid Rosier is an artist on multiple music scenes, bringing a fresh element to each one. Rosier’s songs create a fusion between the ancient Gregorian chant and the modern electronic sound and this helps her to stand out and gives her a very unique and entertaining selling point. Since 2021, Rosier has had over 100,000 streams on streaming platforms with songs such as Inferno‘ and ‘Towers of Babylon.’ This is set to increase even further, with the upcoming release of her debut album ‘Trinity.’ Trinity is the ultimate amalgamation and blend of different styles as some tracks focus on the more prehistoric atmosphere she aims for, and some on the more modern side of her music. The album seamlessly weaves together two very contrasting styles. Read Sigrid’s thoughts on her new album, roots, style and image.

Hi Sigrid, how are you doing? I’ve been reading your album release and researching about your music, I love the modern take on the archaic style!

I’ve been good! And thank you so much for saying that!

Could you introduce yourself to those who are not familiar with Sigrid Rosier?

Of course! I was born and semi-raised in China, then in the States. As a kid, I was fascinated by Western ethos and philosophy, which influenced my decision to pursue art. I came up with the artist name “Sigrid Rosier” out of nowhere during college. It was purely random, and for the longest time, I didn’t know what to do with it. It was a time when I doubted my decision to study music, but having an identity detached from myself and anonymity gave me the power to be an honest artist.

How would you describe your image?

If we strictly talk about Sigrid Rosier, I’d say it’s elusive, exotic, eclectic, and hopefully evocative.

Do you feel that your new album perfectly summarises your style and personality?

Yes! Perfectly!

Who are your main inspirations, and how have they inspired you?

An artist called TRSTN inspired me a lot. I learned music production from him! In terms of sound, it’s a collective of artists that I have listened to over the years, but Enigma’s Sadeness, Enya, and Sarah Brightman’s Symphony album define the kind of music I like.

Have your inspirations changed whilst growing up?

It’s always been changing. I would look up to characters who were bigger than life as a kid, but now people around me inspire me daily, especially when they show me kindness and humility.

What’s the concept behind the album?

It started as a religious thesis. I read about this medieval philosopher who spent all his life studying Christianity and ended up asking if God cared. I found myself in the same boat and asking the same question, giving the album its defining sound. As my life unravelled with the album’s completion, I thought surrendering to the unknown and accepting what was given was the wiser choice. The name “Trinity,” according to bible study, links humans to God, just as in the Matrix when Trinity realizes the idea of Neo by giving him love.

Does the ordering of the tracks lend to and create a storyline?

It does! I’m glad you asked! It’s essentially the process of self-actualization as the character acknowledges the suffering and finally accepts it. I guess people like to oppress their sorrow to perform better in society. Knowing where your anger came from and confronting your fears helps evolve your esteem, and eventually, if you can take off the rose-colored lenses and see it for what it is, you might escape conformity and become who you really want to be.

What compels you towards the fantastic fusion of ancient tones and electronic music?

I love both worlds, and they are the same but different languages. But in the end, I wanted to create something that resonated with me and not try to sound like someone else.

What instruments can you play, and how does this musical knowledge help with the production of your tracks?

I was a classically trained pianist, and I’ve been playing piano since 3! I also play a bit of guitar and sing. I referenced orchestral arrangements to create a more complex sound. I also went to a music school, so that helped a lot!

How did you get into electronic music production?

I started as a singer-songwriter, singing alone on piano or guitar. But there was only so much you could convey with lyrics, and I wasn’t gratified with the minimal effort on music-making. I happened to like clubbing at the time, and electronic music brings in so many possibilities and gives you the freedom to create sound beyond imagination. So utilizing the power of electronic music seems to be the only way I can make songs that satisfy me.

What introduced you to the Gregorian chant?

Most likely cinema. I can’t remember when and how, but it’s always been with me since I can remember. When being asked about which time period I would go to, I’d always say the middle ages. There’s a certain undiscovered magic to it.

How did you train your voice to be diverse, versatile, and captivating?

It’s very kind of you to say that! I guess it’s the combination of lifelong choir singing, some formal opera training, and my love for rock music. I’m still learning but thank you so much!

Can you share your creative process when producing your songs?

It’s different for every song. But I’d like to do a bit of “method acting” and create a persona before writing. Synths and subs are really important to me, and if I can’t get them to sound right, I will start over from scratch! Everything else is built on top of a successful synth!

I love the piano and atmosphere in ‘ALT shift’. Does that song hold emotional value?

I was imagining the life of Alt Cunningham from Cyberpunk 2077. Something about the way she became part of the Net made me feel sad but in awe. I would sound like a conspiracy theorist if I gave you the full paragraph on the “collective consciousness,” but it’s fascinating and ties in with the album. So I wondered how Alt felt when she met Johnny/V on the Net after so many years and wrote the song.

How come you chose ‘Wallfacer’ as the leading focal track?

It’s one of my most effortless yet effective songs. It’s based on the sci-fi trilogy “Three-Body Problem” by Liu Cixin. It changed my life. There’s no way around it. I knew I had to write a song about it when I read the trilogy, but I didn’t even know what music production was! So when “Wallfacer” was born, it was a special moment for me, and I wanted it to get the star treatment!

What can we expect from you in 2023?

I’m working on a few more projects, and they are all really exciting and very different from each other. I am super excited about what’s to come next!

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Image Credits: © Tristan Wang (Press Kit)

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