Spektre drop amazing new EP ‘Bring Me Fire’

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The UK duo drop a three-track EP that’s as fiery as its name suggests.

Spektre really should have named themselves Spektacle, as their music is truly a spectacle to be heard. The UK-based duo, consisting of Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox, are going on a decade in the wonderous Techno scene. Labels like Filth on Acid, Kraftek, and Drumcode amongst others have had the honor of releasing music from them. Now Rich and Maddox have their own imprint, Respekt, and they have released other artists’ music, along with their own. They don’t release music very frequently on their label, but it is best to pay attention when they do. Recently, Spektre dropped their latest EP, “Bring Me Fire”, a release that truly is as fiery as its name implies. So, the time to start paying attention right this very moment as we speak.

Bring Me Fire‘ kicks off the EP, beginning with synths that sound close to feeling like plucking guitar strings. Organ-like synths have a go at the same time, further continuing to build on the track’s atmosphere and overall vibe. From that point on, you’ll have a one-two combo of glitchy techno elements and rapidly urgent beats racing toward listeners. Lisa Rudy also lends her voice to the track, providing a soulful tone that almost feels majestic at various points. ‘The Unseen Path‘ follows that up and almost makes you feel like you are witnessing someone’s dream or nightmare even. Repetition and added reverb that adds a vision-like feel to the vocals likely is the reason why. Techno elements proceed to play with a loud-quiet dynamic over the course of the nearly four-minute track.

Lastly, ‘Suspended In A Sunbeam‘ ends the EP and is by far the most interesting and standout track here. Organ-like synths present once more on the track, along with metallic and acidic synths that add a terrific melody. The beat, however, is by far the standout feature of the track, giving an almost 90s hip-hop vibe. Groove is certainly not absent from the track thanks to the beats from these two.

Spektre gave us a message that they wanted to bring the fire with the latest EP of their decade-long career. Well, I am extremely glad to tell them that fire was brought and it’s blazing hot and bright all night.

Image Credits: © Jacob Turney

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