Things You Say: “I am inspired by so many different genres and scenes in the music world”

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Today we caught up with emerging US talents Things You Say, to chat about their latest release, music, and more.

Things You Say are the enigmatic US talents at the forefront of America’s electronic community. Active since 2021, their first production appearance came that year where they remixed Canadian singer-songwriter Grimes on 4AD. They’ve since gone on to collaborate with Arama on Angel, alongside remixing Maxine Singleton’s nu disco number Don’t You Love It, whilst supporting artists such as Folamour, Romare and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs across several LA venues.

Hello guys, thank you for joining us. How is the summer treating you?

Hi, thank you for having me. Summer is going great, it’s so nice to see people out and about again enjoying life.

Could you introduce yourself to those who are not familiar with ‘Things You Say’?

Hi, I am Things You Say, a DJ and producer that also produces an event called Expression.

Tomorrow your new release ‘Play The Drums’ is dropping on Palm Records. It is extraordinary and has nostalgic vibes. How did you set the mood for the tracks?

Thank you for listening! The mood for Play The Drums was to create a track that you could either start a set with or play mid-set and have a bit of a reset to then build on with your next selections. Dubfire opened his Ultra set with it so it was great to see it in action.

How does it feel to get support from well-respected DJs such as DJ Harvey, Peggy Gou, and Patrick Topping?

It is such an incredible honor, massive fan of all three of them, especially Harv!

Do you keep up with what’s going on in the music world?

Yes, of course, I am inspired by so many different genres and scenes in the music world.

Besides music, what is your everyday routine?

Yoga, fitness, and snacks!

Finally, what plans do you have for the rest of this year?

Release some more music, connect with like-minded people in the creative world and make people dance at more parties and events. =)

Stream Things You Say – Thank You Baby / Play The Drums on Spotify:

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